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Look at the stars shining so brightly up there. Don't they look ... delicious?
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Ray of Light // FMAB Ending 5


episode 12


 Because it's something only you can do. Make me proud, Natsu !!!


Crying during the Tartarus arc.

I don’t even think this is all of the people who have cried during the tatarus arc. I know Lisanna was on the verge of tears during Mira’s fight.

”Haruka wasn’t scared but there was no denying that something about it was frightening Makoto. 
Haruka grabbed Makoto’s hand, which had been clutching the hem of his shirt, and quickly ran far, as far as he could get from the line of people.”


"Juvia, let's take them out together."
Mikoshiba Momotarou strikes again!

Come on, the adventure continues!

Hiyori ✿◕‿◕✿ || Noragami ova 2 

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